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Decadence will take place in Chandler, Arizona December 30-31, 2021. VIP and GA Ticket & Travel Packages are available for 2 nights (Thursday-Saturday).
  • Each package is carefully curated with different travel experiences. You can find specific package inclusion when reviewing available packages.
  • The event has partnered with Fuse Technologies to provide a special curated travel experience, please review package inclusions to confirm that the package includes Decadence tickets. Individual Decadence tickets can be purchased separately at
    If you are traveling with a group and rooming together, you will need to purchase a package for each person staying in your room. You will be able to designate roommates within each room (if purchasing more than 1 room) at point of purchase. You will be able to designate roommates based on room occupancy.
    Decadence tickets are included in the ticket & travel Radiance VIP & Indulgence GA packages. The Shenanigans Package does not include a ticket. If you are looking to secure only a Decadence ticket, please visit for more information.
    This event has RFID wristbands for access. These will be available at Will Call to pick-up
    Invited guests will receive an email invited them to pay for their portion of the package. All members in the group must pay their initial payment in order for the booking to be confirmed.
    Yes. Decadence Ticket & Travel packages are guests 18+. Please note, hotels require someone in your party to be 21 to be able to check-in.
    The Decadence Festival will take place at the Rawhide Events Center in Chandler, AZ. Please check the itinerary for specific event locations and details.
    Your festival Wristband will provide you access to package inclusions. Please ensure you opt into our communications and look out for emails and SMS from your travel experience team that will give you further details on your upcoming trip.
    How does this? Each person staying within the same room will have their package inclusions together, and under the first person listed on the room within the reservation. Please log into your Account Dashboard profile and select the travel experiences, then click on Your Party click the up arrow to show your room allocation
    Sorry, tickets and package inclusions are non-transferable, and reselling of tickets are prohibited.
    Absolutely! All hotels and major venues are compliant with current ADA guidelines.
    Yes! Log into your Account Dashboard profile and select the travel experiences, then click on Your Party click the up arrow to show your room allocation, click on the button Action and then transfer enter the new name and email address and click Transfer.
    You can login to your Account Dashboard at any time to check the status and details of your booking.
    • Select the travel experiences, then click Event Info for event details and information, click on Your Party to review rooming allocation (click the up arrow), names and ability to transfer or resend invitation email, and click Payment to review status of everyone in your group’s payment.
    Travel packages are curated and priced based on the hotel selected. Once a package is booked, you cannot make changes to your accommodations. If you need assistance, please contact the Travel Experience team CONTACT US
    Travel packages do not include transportation to and from airport, to hotel. Transportation shuttle to festival from hotels is available for an additional purchase and can be added onto your package under the add-on section. or to any of the events.
    Please visit for festival details.
    If you have not paid for your entire group, those guests that you invited must pay for their portion of the travel package in order for the booking to be confirmed. If payment hasn’t been received, the person booking the entire travel package will be responsible for payment of the entire order.
    Once a travel package is confirmed, there are no refunds. If someone you invited doesn’t pay for their travel package, the person who booked the entire group will be responsible for the full payment of your order. Please review our Booking Conditions, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

    Not paying for everyone in your group?

    • Create your group now and invite everyone in your group to pay their portion. Additionally, you’ll be able to assign your travelers to different rooms.
    • All group members must make their first payment in order to reserve travel package (event passes, hotel rooms, and add-ons).

    What to have ready:

    • All group member's names
    • Who is sharing rooms
    • Each person’s email address

    Paying for your entire group?

    • If you are paying for your entire group, you can easily confirm your travel packages (event passes, hotel rooms, and any add-ons) immediately.
      • Within your Account Dashboard, you can easily assign your group members into hotel rooms at a later date.
    At this time, we do not, however, you are welcome to secure travel insurance through your own insurance or a third-party insurance company. While we will assist you as best as we can in filing a claim with your travel insurance provider, please note we are not responsible for nor take any liability for any claims made on an insurance policy.
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