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Las Vegas Senior Trip Flights - SUNY Cortland

Flight cost is inclusive of all taxes and fees. Your flight options for Las Vegas Senior Trip Flights - SUNY Cortland are listed below.

Flight Option 1: JFK - LAS (CORZUF)

TO → Las Vegas, NV (1 stop)


Friday, October 13


  • Depart: (JFK) New York City, NY   – 8:25 AM
  • Arrive: (DFW Dallas Fort Worth, TX– 11:22 AM

Layover in Dallas Fort Worth, TX


  • Depart: (DFW) Dallas Fort Worth, TX – 12:20 PM
  • Arrive: (LAS) Las Vegas, NV – 1:09 PM

RETURN ← New York City, NY (1 stop)


Monday, October 16


  • Depart:  (LAS) Las Vegas, NV – 12:03 PM
  • Arrive: (CLT) Charlotte, NC  –7:35 PM

Layover in Charlotte, NC


  • Depart: (CLT) Charlotte, NC– 8:15 PM
  • Arrive:  (JFK) New York City, NY – 10:11 PM



  • All flights are non-refundable and changes cannot be made after purchasing. (as stated in the booking conditions)
  • You acknowledge the following:
    +You are at least 18 years of age.
    +You will be able to present at the time of travel one (1) of the acceptable forms of personal identification (ID) as required for public air transportation in Nevada:  1) Valid driver's license; 2) Valid REAL ID card; 3) Valid passport (required for non-US citizens).  IMPORTANT - Be sure to check the ID requirements for the state from which you will be departing as they may differ from that of Nevada.
    +You have an active hotel and event package for Las Vegas Fall Break 2023 in good standing with Get Away Club and that the round trip flight you selected for purchase is for the same travel dates as are confirmed for your hotel check-in/check-out dates. 
    +You are aware that the purchase of air service consists only of the selected round trip flight. No other components are included, such as ground transportation in Las Vegas. 
    +All flight related purchases are the full responsibility of the purchaser.  These items may include, but are not limited to:  Checked and/or carry-on bags, preassigned seat assignments, preferred seating, wi-fi service, food/beverage service, and others.  
    +As with any flight purchase, flight times, numbers and routings are subject to change and the operating airline is permitted to do so at its discretion.  
    +By selecting and purchasing this flight, you understand and agree that the purchase is final and that no refunds will be issued.
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